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1 insulter on Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:34 pm


aivaras killed Player with M4A1 [15:57:29] »N΅Ke« lTooOnYl died [15:57:30] lucianocap201 connected  [15:57:31] "  (1x) [15:57:32] . died [15:57:32] x24 killed Player 3 with Knife [15:57:33] [old sith empire] NioYmaN killed »RβGκ  ίτ¥« with Deagle [15:57:34] AssAssinAte: xD [15:57:36] OverKiller [GER] killed »N΅Ke« lTooOnYl with Mine [15:57:39] x25 connected  [15:57:45] . died [15:57:45] Ψpt΅Ά ¶ zΨrN died [15:57:45] Ψpt΅Ά ¶ zΨrN joins the Counter-Terrorist Forces   [15:57:47] x25 joins the Terrorist Forces   [15:57:50] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: niayman you b***h [15:57:51] Player 2 changes name to  kakolola [15:57:54] . died [15:57:55] ayoub: :p [15:57:56] Tuborg died [15:57:56] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: you kill you friend [15:57:56] NoTeam has left the game  [15:57:56] Player *DEAD* : aivaras aimbot hack! he instantly aims when someon [15:57:58] F2 for command menu [15:57:58] Want to report a violation? Make VIP or MOD request? [15:57:58] Visit our site: www.mc2d.forum2x2.net [15:57:58] The D4rkness: bak alma [15:57:59] name connected  [15:57:59] (BEAST)GHOST killed Player 3 with FN F2000 [15:57:59] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: shut up [15:57:59] Player *DEAD* : gets near him [15:58:02] Player 3 has left the game  [15:58:03] x25 died [15:58:03] x25 joins the Terrorist Forces   [15:58:03] Ψpt΅Ά ¶ zΨrN killed AssAssinAte with Knife [15:58:05] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: you not my friend now [15:58:06] . died [15:58:06] AssAssinAte has left the game  [15:58:09] NoTeam connected  [15:58:10] aivaras killed Player with USP [15:58:10] Evil: Iam just messing around [15:58:10] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: im rageman=to fk yuo [15:58:11] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: u kiled me [15:58:11] NoTeam joins the Terrorist Forces   [15:58:15] Evil: xD extremely funny [15:58:16] Tuborg killed The D4rkness with FN F2000 [15:58:17] Tuborg killed x25 with FN F2000 [15:58:18] x24 killed NoTeam with FN F2000 [15:58:18] The D4rkness: ya [15:58:18] Player killed »RβGκ  ίτ¥« with USP [15:58:19] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: yes nice [15:58:19] Johan~! killed Siv HD with RPG Launcher [15:58:19] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: and i kill you more [15:58:21] aivaras killed . with M4A1 [15:58:22] »N΅Ke« lTooOnYl: GRACIAS [15:58:22] Player killed kakolola with USP [15:58:24] Ψpt΅Ά ¶ zΨrN: thx [15:58:25] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: u going to get reported [15:58:27] Johan~!: dude? [15:58:27] Evil: yaaaaaay [15:58:28] . died [15:58:28] U.S.G.N.: Ping/State 'playing' [15:58:29] Tuborg: fak1er [15:58:29] Johan~!: stop [15:58:30] Tuborg: rank say [15:58:30] Johan~! died [15:58:34] Tuborg: rank  [15:58:35] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: if u insult me agai [15:58:35] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: go f*****g kid [15:58:35] Tuborg: ! [15:58:36] [old sith empire] NioYmaN: n [15:58:38] Tuborg: rank [15:58:38] r¦Tuborg¦10 of 8804 ¦23378,25425,10900,2.33,9 d 16 h [15:58:39] Ψpt΅Ά ¶ zΨrN: faker x25 [15:58:41] PM: 19. »RβGκ  ίτ¥«: b***h [15:58:41] [old sith empire] NioYmaN]
idk if he is indeed rageman but i did my duty now is up to u to decide

In the game of life you play only in siingle player

2 Re: insulter on Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:52 pm


He really not Rageman . Other people.

3 Re: insulter on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:11 pm


MC2D Admin
MC2D Admin
If you think he violates a rule, simply punish him. If he is VIP, then report him with a proof that he is a VIP or specifically like what you say, "rageman".


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