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Stupidity of every fucktard supporting my ban

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1 Stupidity of every fucktard supporting my ban on Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:04 pm


First topic message reminder :

OK, fuck it.
I didn't want to, but I will spend some minutes on writing this thread now.

I have no fucking clue why I got banned and who actually did it. Twice. On one day. Without telling me any reason whatsoever. For over three hours now. Not replying to my problem report.
The only thing I know is that about three mods and probably even an admin support that and don't give a shit about what I have to say.

But I'll tell you anyway.
I made a lot of players play or keep playing on your server, created bases and tactics many players copied and always tried to play fair and bring the community closer together (during the time when I didn't just kill everyone).
Then I started to play for score and reduced the number of players I have peace with and suddenly everyone hates me. After a while people started screening everything I do and reported me for every little mistake I made or just for no reason at all.
And now I even get banned for some shit that pretty much everyone else also does? Fuck logic. Seriously.

So yeah, to all you who still want me banned:



First of all, thanks to Apfelbrot, Bonzo and Random that I didn't lose the faith in this community completely.

So, do I really need to start argueing with you others? Fine.
I did not get any kind of warning before the ban and you don't even have a proof strong enough to just ban me right away.
Go read the rules or that policy thing Random published some time ago and unban me. NOW!


OH, and there's yet another thing.
I just read that Strike system stuff by Bonzo and noticed that Tricky gave me my Strike #1 yesterday. By collecting 3 Strikes you get a 48h ban. I have one and I'm perm-banned. Really fair guys.


I don't know the whole background story of this but from what I know about smn I can tell he's a better person (and player) than most of the people playing on the server. Indeed, his behaviour might not always be exemplary and there's a lot of sarcasm in his posts here too, but from what I understand he has also (sort of) apologized, which I think should be rewarded with a second chance at least once.

Everyone has their flaws and just banning people is easy but understanding that everyone can improve is something not everyone is capable of.

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message


He deserve a temp ban .(1 week or less, then un-ban)


Eh , everybody changed .


MC2D Admin
MC2D Admin
For Skipper: My brain is twisted from your mind games, or i can't just analyze your words cause it's too confusing.

What the hell skipper, i just corrected your grammar and those other words are not for you, 

Now your up to something in your sleeve to ruin me uh?
How should i suppose to do that thing huh, Random...

your post doesn't make sense, as always.


Now for the people who says that his 2 accounts should be banned
I still remember last time, oxymiron's second account lost VIP, yet he still didn't lose the account that has moderator at that time. Well it's unfair if you do this on a player and do different things on the other.
Remember when zero and me argued in the skipper faking thing? Zero was given a chance even that is only one of the 3 (or 4) reports.
When pirates killer got laser by abusing the supervise command? He got another chance.
One time, i mini-flooded the server, still got chance.
Oxymiron accidentally banned me, got another chance.
Rampage was removed, got VIP again, another chance.

Then simon, banned forever? Give chance?

Jen wrote:understanding that everyone can improve is something not everyone is capable of.

and that's what is happening, this is his first violation, other players deserve this more than simon. Simon shared so many great tactics, fun conversations, and all on their minds are "BAN SIMON EVERY PLAYER THAT HAS THE SMN NAME WE DONT CARE IF HE JUST WALKS OR SPECS JUST BAN HIM MWHAHAHA"

Could anyone post a positive comment, please, he doesn't even hack, and yet other hackers/violators there are still not kicked/banned cause other mods don't care if someone is spawnkilling cause they are far away from the spawn and they are killing other players or they are too lazy to use the supervise command just to check the spawn and other mods have to tell them the things even it's the moderators job and not his.



EDIT: aksfjaksfgasflgasjasflagjsflasfgajkslfg

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Tricky Fox

Friend of Community
I haven't said that smn have no "another chance".

And I'm still alive, uhuhu


all mods crying all time


MC2D Moderator
MC2D Moderator
All right, I'm out of this conversation...
I blame myself for posting my Nonsense and stupid grammar so sorry for that and I know some don't accept it...


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