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Top 10 reasons why cyclopsess isn't banned

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1 Top 10 reasons why cyclopsess isn't banned on Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:00 pm


10-Admins love him so much

9-They have s3x everyday

8-They pretend to hate him so people think that hes gonna get punished

7-Admins dont care if anyone is rulebreaking (He has broken more rules than a hacker)

6-They both have alot in common (Love jb etc)

5-They change subject everytime i ask why he isn't banned

4-They secretly are g4y

3-Ran out of ideas

2-A idea came back


And thats why cyclopsess isn't bannned
(Idc if i get banned from this,plus i'm only saying why he isn't punish)

Edit: Seriously admins
It has been like 3 months ( or 5 idk)
And he isn't banned...why are you doing this to me...TO US ACTUALLY(He breaks all the rules)



Friend of Community
Isn't Cyclopsess a regular player only? If he is, it is the moderators' job to kick/ban Cyclopsess when they see him violating rules.
I also don't quite agree with your way of pointing out that you want to see Cyclopsess banned. Simply badly insulting the admins just takes away all the seriousness and makes yourself look like the one who should be banned, not Cyclopsess. 
Just asking for the reason(s) would've been the better way. Why? Simple: if you start a flame war right away, only shit will happen; if you ask a question, you will be able to properly argue about the answer.

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3 Re: Top 10 reasons why cyclopsess isn't banned on Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:14 pm

Tricky Fox

Friend of Community
No matter how many people like you going to post dozen tons of their hate and butthurt, I won't care If only it's not clear report. He was punished for insulting before. When I observing or playing at the server in present time, I have not see any "broken rules", except a bunch of tards like the one who's lose in battle heavy-laser vs knife at the spawn and yelling "spawnkill ban omg admins unfair"

I don't think that cyclopsess is law abiding awesome player, but reports like "Cyclopess said shut up to me, please help me, my life would never be normal again" just don't worth the time, which I have to spent later in arguing with disagreed judgement protectors.

Try to disturb moderators or give some evidences.

And I'm still alive, uhuhu


1. You are jealous.
2. Dont be so stupid.
3. Cyclopses is pro.. he have skills so all thinks he are hacker.


I have 15 days playtime on the server and i dont break the rules
but as you can see i am still not even vip
they are looking for reasons to ban like telekill and i was banned one time
you know everyone is doing it.
yes they really love me


Lol They really do
I mean,its really stupid that
Admins,are the most useless in this server
So are mods
Also,your stats should be reseted
All of your kills all laser spawn kill


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