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1 Watch this topic. on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:13 am


MC2D Moderator
MC2D Moderator
I wanted to see you my spy-photos in past.

Reaper2 is very mad at Mr.Crackz(Not yet VIP) then he actually said this:

I was using my nickname 'Spy' then I was using lasers then he also actually said this in PM:

This is the time when Hitman is very mad to me very much then he meant this to me:

This is an old photo when Tuborg is mad at Hitman, maybe that's why his removed from VIP:

Just last week, when Jen or Mikasa is also mad or maybe annoyed from me:

Lastly, my most shocking photo I've ever caught this and Wandorm is Random the Admin:

If you have side-comments, you could begin the spam-fight especially those who are considered in my photos.


2 Re: Watch this topic. on Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:05 am


MC2D Admin
MC2D Admin

Random's reply to this message.

(Spoiler) best log i found here:
BloodBathMcGrath: even mods spawnkill

All logs that will be shown here is from the same day (january 16)

Almost there, but i also spy-ed at you in just 1 day

No identification or online users list but, it is me, i have to make a comment.

That Screenshot happened on Sixteenth of January, on this year.

mini conversation
semi-important kills/words
my words/kills


ZoDoMaN killed HitmaN with Knife

ZoDoMaN killed the Punisher with Laser

HitmaN *DEAD*: died

Player joins the Counter-Terrorist Forces
HitmaN *DEAD*: lol

cgr. killed ¢T®️ | Gamer with USP
ZoDoMaN: xd

(*SPIDER*) killed L.O.L.E.R with FN F2000
HitmaN *DEAD*: becuase of door

ZoDoMaN: lol

Wandorm: knife, wtf

U.S.G.N.: Ping/State 'playing'
[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier: laser
¢T®️ | Gamer killed cgr. with M4A1
cgr. killed zé galinha with Knife
Wandorm: nope, knife

Player killed ¢T®️ | Gamer with M4A1
F2 for command menu
cgr. killed L.O.L.E.R with USP
ZoDoMaN killed [ISF]Pot@to k!!ier with Las
[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed BloodBathMcGrath with FN F2000
[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed Friendly....you?? with FN F2000
(*SPIDER*) killed the Punisher with FN F2000
ZoDoMaN killed Gsa with Laser

¢T®️ | Gamer: af hack[
¢T®️ | Gamer killed [ISF]Pot@to k!!ier with Knife
Wandorm killed [BG]$____$(RuS) with FN F2000

HitmaN *DEAD*: Zodoman aiming on spawn

[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed Tuborg** with FN F2000
HitmaN *DEAD*: wtf.

[Captain]Skipper: Lost the laser now, Hitman>

ZoDoMaN killed Gsa with Laser

ZoDoMaN: soryy
(*SPIDER*) killed cgr. with Turret
Gsa has left the game
HitmaN: I can take it again

Gsa connected
ZoDoMaN killed Wandorm with Laser

HitmaN: he is easy.

[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier killed [BG]$____$(RuS) with Glock
Wandorm: hey

Dicky1234 joins the Counter-Terrorist Forces
Wandorm: d**n

Wandorm has been slapped

¢T®️ | Gamer killed Tuborg** with M4A1
[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed BloodBathMcGrath with FN F2000
ZoDoMaN killed Wandorm with Laser

[BG]$____$(RuS) killed ¢T®️ | Gamer with USP
[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier killed BloodBathMcGrath with AWP
ZoDoMaN: no easty

ZoDoMaN: pro

[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier killed Tuborg** with AWP
HitmaN has left the game
[BG]$____$(RuS) killed [ISF]Pot@to k!!ier with M4A1
cgr. killed Friendly....you?? with M4A1
BloodBathMcGrath killed zé galinha with Glock
[BG]$____$(RuS) killed ¢T®️ | Gamer with M4A1

HitmaN connected
| Rank: 20 | HitmaN joins on server
[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier killed [BG]$____$(RuS) with AWP
Lamia connected
HitmaN joins the Terrorist Forces
cgr. killed BloodBathMcGrath with M4A1
[Captain]Skipper: Because of your PING..
Wandorm: no0b mods

Lamia connected
[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed cgr. with FN F2000
Lamia joins the Terrorist Forces
[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier killed BloodBathMcGrath with AWP
ZoDoMaN killed [BG]$____$(RuS) with Laser
U.S.G.N.: Ping/State 'playing'
Green Apple / Russia killed Player with FN F2000
[M3]Young.Rul.Ro killed zé galinha with FN F2000
BloodBathMcGrath killed [ISF]Pot@to k!!ier with Glock
the Punisher: HI
Wandorm: and that's a fack

L.O.L.E.R killed BloodBathMcGrath with FN F2000
L.O.L.E.R killed cgr. with FN F2000
L.O.L.E.R killed [BG]$____$(RuS) with FN F2000
Wandorm: fact

L.O.L.E.R killed Player with FN F2000
F2 for command menu
Want to report a violation? Make VIP or MOD request?
Visit our site: www.mc2d.forum2x2.net

Lastly, my most shocking photo I've ever caught this and Wandorm is Random the Admin:
I resigned from my position as a moderator on December 12, i got it again on February (not sure with the date)
Proof that i don't have anything, and this logs was on the same day, same with the logs above, same with all logs posted here.
+1UUUUUUUUUUUUUP: if u 're random wolf
de.gray || DailyMotioN: as Very Happy
U.S.G.N.: Ping/State 'playing'
|uNknowN|* FlaMeZzZ killed Cyclopsess with M3
Xtoncraft23: tradicional acho q tamparo o portal
Random killed OkSPrO with M4A1
[Mr].[M]istake.[C]razy. killed Cyclopsess with M3
|uNknowN|* FlaMeZzZ killed Hunvadasz with M3
+1UUUUUUUUUUUUUP: why u arent vip or mod?

I don't take the word noob as a flame, insult, whatever negative. But before we dig deep, let's go to wikipedia.

Newbie, newb, noob, or n00b is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use. It can have derogatory connotations, but is also often used for descriptive purposes only, without a value judgment.

inexperienced, descriptive purposes

I didn't want to generalize all mods, i just want to throw pie at some mods.
Cause i see mods playing while other pro hackers, freevoters, and spawnkillers are in the server
BloodBathMcGrath: spawn kill (skipper is here, hitman is here with his vip usgn, other usgn is still mod at this time)

Wandorm: no0b mods (if he think that i broke a rule, then why he didn't mute me?)

BloodBathMcGrath: nubish mods (same situation, no punishment)

Green Apple / Russia votes to kick Wandorm (freekicker, no punishment)

¢T®️ | Gamer votes to kick BloodBathMcGrath
¢T®️ | Gamer: aimbot

Fail punishments and warnings even the No-Tolerance Policy is a rule
[ISF]Pot@to k!!ier: pls laser
HitmaN: you trying to fake "Pirates Killer"
[Captain]Skipper: Don't trust that Potato Kiler..
HitmaN: He is niaouman , i guess

[Captain]Skipper: What's the use of your VIP Lamia?
[Captain]Skipper: Use your hats and chat colors..
[Captain]Skipper: I could remove your being VIP.. (no rules that says that VIPs are required to use these things)
Wandorm: who cares, it's his life actually

HitmaN *DEAD*: Zodoman ?
HitmaN *DEAD*: Stop it
HitmaN *DEAD*: It's spawnkill

others have to tell them who's violating so they can act or else, violators are still there


Wandorm: lamia spawnkill?

Wandorm: galinha spawnkill with flamethrower? (hero lol)
zé galinha has left the game (kicked)
HitmaN: Kicked

[IGR]-yashukiller *DEAD*: spider speed hack

Wandorm: everyone is spawnkiling, wow.
HitmaN: where?
Wandorm: aren't mods special for this?
Wandorm: you're late



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